School Council

School Council Executive 2020-2021
Chair: Nicole Hamilton
Treasurer: Pam Hastie
Secretary: Renee Phillips
Voting Members: Michelle Dubinsky, Tim McDowell, Kate Powell, Sarah Fletcher, Melissa Hough, Scott Givlin
Fundraising: Tanya Brown & Nicole Hamilton
Hot Lunch & Milk Program: Tanya Beattie


One purpose of the School Council is to promote and support the involvement of all parents in their children’s learning. All parent groups existing in our schools, including Home and School Associations are partners in parent engagement. Communication is the key to ensuring strong partnerships and a successful school council. It is crucial to achieving increased involvement and greater influence for parents in their children’s education.

Please contact your school to find the many ways you can be involved.


GOAL of the School Council

Supporting student achievement & promoting diversity awareness and acceptance

Increase parent awareness of school activities, School Council achievements and to overall help make parents feel more informed