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Welcome to Westminster Central Public School. It is my professional pleasure to be a part of such a vibrant, fast-growing, diverse school community. I am so pleased to have the absolute honour to work with this terrific group of students, dedicated educators and loving parents.

The success of our "Wonderful Whirlwind" students depends on the support of the team around them. At Westminster Central PS, we are committed to building a strong team to support our students, as they become responsible, respectful, contributing members of their community so that they can be the "problem finders and solvers" in their world. It is essential that parents, families, staff, and the community work together to support our children. Arts involvement, athletic events, literacy activities, community partner events & workshops, and numeracy nights are just a few of the ways that we engage and support our students as a team.

As part of our commitment to student learning, our Math learning goal is to improve our students’ ability to develop, apply and connect their number sense while using models & concrete materials to solve math problems. Our students will demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Think and verbalize additively and multiplicatively.
  2. Effectively choose (and check their answers with) more sophisticated models such as decomposition, number lines, parts whole, area models and model switching.
  3. Use mathematical language to demonstrate their understanding of the concepts.
Students will continue to deepen their understanding of number sense across the strands using Learning Goals & Success Criteria, Balanced Math programs, the CRA (Concrete, Representational, Abstract) and the use of visual learning supports.

We will continue to emphasize high levels of achievement in literacy and numeracy while supporting 21st century innovative and critical thinkers. 

As always, our intent is to best serve your child(ren) as they gain confidence, agility and strength in meeting challenges. We believe in the power of the word "yet"; and we know that all students have the right and the ability to learn in safe environments. My door is always "open"; please reach out if you have compliments, concerns, or questions.

Your partner in education,

Mrs. Stephen