Thames Valley and Zorra Township commit to exploring future co-build opportunities

Posted On Tuesday November 07, 2023
Zorra Township LogoThe Thames Valley District School Board and the Corporation of the Township of Zorra have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to explore future co-build opportunities, should such opportunities arise. 
“Co-builds” are projects where local governments, school boards and/or community organizations work together to complete a construction or renovation project, with the goal of meeting the needs of students, their families and the greater community. 
In the recent memo, the Township of Zorra said it would consult with Thames Valley if building a new multi-use arena and/or community centre. Similarly, Thames Valley agreed to consult the Township if contemplating renovations to area schools (Zorra Highland Park Public School or AJ Baker Public School) or the construction of a new school in the area.
“Thames Valley District School Board Trustees are committed to addressing the unprecedented growth happening throughout our district. We are always looking for collaboration opportunities for new school builds and additions, so that we can create safe and inclusive learning environments for students,” said Thames Valley District School Board Chair Lori-Ann Pizzolato, “We appreciate Zorra Township’s continued support and are excited about future opportunities to work together. We will continue to work with all our valued partners to build a brighter future, not just for students, but also, the communities they call home.”
“Whether it’s libraries, recreation spaces, or schools, we need to maximize the community use of the facilities our communities pay for. Where there are institutional barriers to that, it is our job to break them down and ensure effective and efficient use of tax dollars to maximize the services our residents use,” remarked Zorra Township Mayor, Marcus Ryan, “Our children don’t care if the municipality or school board owns the soccer field.  Their parents paid for it either way.  I believe this model has the potential to be transformational for our communities.”